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[Windows Develop德卡T10 程序环境文件

Description: Deka T10 card reading interface, including dynamic library and demo test environment
Platform: Pascal | Size: 8085504 | Author: song1234567890 | Hits: 0

[Graph programL1018soft

Description: The types of highway defects include pavement structural damage and functional damage, and pavement structural damage is the most common, which can be divided into cracks, block cracks, net cracks, longitudinal cracks and transverse cracks. Research and design a set of highway defect detection technology, can be efficient, fast, accurate automatic identification of highway defects.
Platform: matlab | Size: 246784 | Author: tj_lemon | Hits: 0

[Other systems黑盒B-BOX(4)

Description: EA principle: 1. Black box b-box is a very stable strategy, which does not increase positions, does not resist orders, withdraws small, and makes more profits, 2. One single settlement, two currencies in each group, will only trade once, and the next transaction will not enter until the end of this transaction. The new version of black box, compared with the original version, will be more excellent. On the basis of the original version, the profit will be further improved, and the withdrawal will be smaller. Those who like to pursue steady income can see it!
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 43008 | Author: 80后老男人 | Hits: 0

[Other systems计算湍流积分尺度

Description: This program is used to calculate the integral scale of turbulence in three directions measured by anemometer
Platform: matlab | Size: 3147776 | Author: 1243136165 | Hits: 0

[Other systemsQuartus_II_13.1_x64破解器

Description: Quartus crack software, which contains documentation.
Platform: VHDL | Size: 107520 | Author: 笨笨居 | Hits: 0

[Other systemshybrid-ARIMA-LSTM-model-master

Description: LSTM-ARIMA model is used for mixed prediction, ARIMA for linear prediction and LSTM for nonlinear prediction
Platform: Python | Size: 4096 | Author: 巴大叔 | Hits: 0

[Other systems自抗扰控制技术-估计补偿不确定因素的控制技术

Description: Active disturbance rejection control
Platform: matlab | Size: 77454336 | Author: 萌萌pmt | Hits: 0

[Other systems4shared_1609013946670

Description: complet full sorfware emv card
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 59840512 | Author: GROOVE | Hits: 15

[Game Program1000y二层原版-开发用

Description: qian nian erceng yuanban kai fa yong
Platform: Delphi | Size: 74656768 | Author: lee8224 | Hits: 0

[Windows DevelopVC++版的小型考勤管理系统

Description: Use C++ to realize the programming of the database
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 4661248 | Author: 不甜还不加糖 | Hits: 0

[Other systems基于蚁群算法的三维路径规划算法

Description: Three dimensional path planning algorithm based on ant colony algorithm is a traditional ant colony algorithm, which can be improved and published
Platform: matlab | Size: 7168 | Author: 雅虎飞 | Hits: 3

[Game ProgramMuEditorS16

Description: MuEditorS16Will continue to support S16 updates until now
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 7727104 | Author: 林林林` | Hits: 0