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[matlabMATLAB temperature control

Description: This is a program which are writen by software of matlab and can control temperature,then can reached the ideal result! the procedure at the beginning is written with c!,but mainly is still following matlab procedure!
Platform: matlab | Size: 6KB | Author: 010320218 | Hits: 42


Description: EZW : Based on the wavelet transform Zerotree coding process, achieving Matlab
Platform: matlab | Size: 4KB | Author: friendlyfire11 | Hits: 207


Description: for adaptive control of the FNN code, the importation of error and error rate of change.
Platform: matlab | Size: 1KB | Author: 许佳 | Hits: 385


Description: using Matlab simulation system in response to the system through feedback from the design parameters to compare the different outputs and analysis of its stability.
Platform: matlab | Size: 8KB | Author: luise317 | Hits: 60


Description: the procedure using wavelet transform, and then filter the noise, and eventually realizing Edge effects enhanced functionality
Platform: matlab | Size: 2KB | Author: chenglion2008 | Hits: 100


Description: synergies PSO algorithm, for the cluster of structural optimization. Synergy PSO algorithm model from South Africa who Frans van den Bergh, for the high-dimensional problems of the effect was significantly better than the basic particle swarm algorithm.
Platform: matlab | Size: 2KB | Author: | Hits: 179


Description: ensure global convergence of random particle swarm algorithm. When the optimal solution without particles of evolution, its location, speed variation, which might not premature convergence algorithm, as long as sufficient number of iterative algorithm to ensure global convergence.
Platform: matlab | Size: 2KB | Author: | Hits: 190


Description: based on MATLAB Toolbox PSO algorithm model introduced shrinkage factor, convergence rate increase, but for high-dimensional optimization function effects are still not ideal.
Platform: matlab | Size: 59KB | Author: | Hits: 163


Description: book Matlab environment under the various orders, including the detailed parameters introduced.
Platform: Windows_Unix | Size: 9292KB | Author: luise317 | Hits: 107


Description: using Matlab achieve the fuzzy images to enhance the Matlab 6.5 can be used 7.0sp1
Platform: matlab | Size: 1KB | Author: tomlih | Hits: 86


Description: terms of a radio wave propagation MATLAB procedures used parabola method .. or the initial stage, sharing about.
Platform: matlab | Size: 2KB | Author: pensonzool | Hits: 31


Description: This is a complete data transmission process Matlab routines!
Platform: matlab | Size: 7KB | Author: emmazhang.2000 | Hits: 17
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