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[Other systemscounting_src

Description: a statistical line of code is very simple and very applicable to the small tools
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 169KB | Author: henrychann | Hits: 12

[Other systemsTSpellers

Description: Spelling Checker
Platform: Delphi | Size: 99KB | Author: | Hits: 5

[Other systemsCoolTigeralumninetworkV1.0

Description: Cool Tiger Network website V1.0
Platform: ASP | Size: 1483KB | Author: none | Hits: 7

[Other systemsASP assistant rar

Description: ASP Stationmaster the assistant v4.0 function enhancement version stands the document on-line management function, does not have on the module to pass on the function, may operate the MSSQL database and the Access database. Including the browsing data and the increase, deletes, revises the data, establishes the data sheet, revises the database and so on, the non- select order provides a SQL input frame to input the SQL instruction for everybody to carry out
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 75KB | Author: gmob | Hits: 12

[Other systemsrxdos_sources

Description: dos source
Platform: Asm | Size: 252KB | Author: kenny_95 | Hits: 4

[Other systemsOntime

Description: A shutdown procedures
Platform: C++ | Size: 896KB | Author: gaotc | Hits: 7

[Other systemsMade

Description: of documents processed. Including document reproduction, segmentation, connectivity, View, etc..
Platform: C++ | Size: 52KB | Author: gaotc | Hits: 28

[Other systemsAlert

Description: regularly reminded (can be installed : Warning; Advised and shutdown; Directly elected; Timing implementation of a procedure. parents controlled their children playing with the computer's helping hands.
Platform: C++ | Size: 334KB | Author: gaotc | Hits: 28

[Other systemsCalc

Description: import figures with the formula (Multi-brackets can be nested), this procedure gives results.
Platform: C++ | Size: 39KB | Author: gaotc | Hits: 3

[Other systemsrlwrap-0.15

Description: rlwrap is a fetching package, with a fetching the GNU small utility program, The GNU fetching allowing other orders for the keyboard input editor. It includes an order for each of the separate input records, and can be used before we can see all the words or users of a particular document (or use both) to expand TAB words.
Platform: MultiPlatform | Size: 64KB | Author: nchygy | Hits: 2

[Other systemscountexpressionparser.Zip

Description: count expression parser devoted to the analysis of the expression validated procedures
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 49KB | Author: | Hits: 15

[Other systems Biological clock zip

Description: The human body biological clock cycle inquires
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 0KB | Author: | Hits: 7
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