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[Windows KernelSpy

Description: Imitation SPY++ for a small program, has basically achieved its functions. Reference to a popular web coding.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 50KB | Author: wangqianzhou666 | Hits: 3

[Hook apidelphi-spy

Description: And the spy++ like a code, these well-known software, games and old have been closed, himself wrote a month to get the current window hdl
Platform: Delphi | Size: 164KB | Author: 1046496958 | Hits: 38

[Windows Developspy-vb

Description: vb development of spy, or control access to the window handle
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 33KB | Author: fuwunet | Hits: 41


Description: Easy to create SPY for Win applications
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 2KB | Author: vikrant.takkar | Hits: 1

[Other windows programsVb-SPY

Description: VB for use with the SPY++ similar to the procedure. Vb like SPY access and find the current process handle. The operation window which is worth learning from.
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 39KB | Author: coolcn | Hits: 43

[Windows Developspy

Description: Spy++ is one based on the Win32 practical tool, it provides system s advancement, the thread, the window and the window news graph view.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 2815KB | Author: sxfyyzandy | Hits: 7

[Windows DevelopSpy

Description: wince spy++ EVC spy spy++ VS2005
Platform: Others | Size: 229KB | Author: hxm0716 | Hits: 19

[Windows Developspy++

Description: A similar spy++ Tool, using delphi development, to capture view other types of control procedures, and has pickcolor function
Platform: Delphi | Size: 496KB | Author: levon819 | Hits: 45

[Other systemsSpy++

Description: spy++ 6.0 English VC6 included direct access to
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 202KB | Author: ad6543210 | Hits: 37

[Hook apiSpy++

Description: Spy++ Of principle. Zip, use VC to achieve a similar Spy++ Tools to illustrate Spy++ Internal working principle
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 133KB | Author: amdey | Hits: 66


Description: VC is very familiar with the U.S., its TOOLS menu there spy++, This description is that it
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 103KB | Author: fantasyboy777 | Hits: 10

[Network Securityspy

Description: SPY with the FIND function exactly the same source VC, if we prepare a Form and see, we need SPY Show Window of STYLE. This is a function of a certain SPY completely similar to the VC source.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 40KB | Author: guo1hong1mei1 | Hits: 70

[Windows DevelopMySpy++

Description: c builder used to achieve the main function spy.
Platform: C++ Builder | Size: 5KB | Author: maconel | Hits: 17

[Windows DevelopMySpy

Description: similar to the SPY tools, VC
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 1312KB | Author: meeky.lee | Hits: 77


Description: C spy network FOSS
Platform: C++ Builder | Size: 2179KB | Author: psz | Hits: 43

[Hook apiVoiceCmdDemo

Description: Write their own code SrHook: achieve hook function dll SpyWin: modeled on Spy, access to window information, intercepted messages, analog menu commands and command keys
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 226KB | Author: yfhuang | Hits: 128

[E-Booksspy++ Chinese help

Description: SPY++ Use help
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 104KB | Author: rancle_dh | Hits: 47

[Windows DevelopControl Spy Source

Description: MicroSoft Windows controls some of the establishment and use of examples
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 1031KB | Author: evalin | Hits: 8

[GUI Developwinfinder_demo

Description: The app which likes spy
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 28KB | Author: happy | Hits: 1173

[GUI DevelopWinFinder_src

Description: The control of specifying the window as the spy++ in VC
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 33KB | Author: happy | Hits: 1495
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