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Description: Implementation of polar code encoding and decoding simulation.The encoding and decoding algorithm program matlab is available.
Platform: matlab | Size: 13312 | Author: 123lwb123 | Hits: 0


Description: Drive CST816S touch screen touch detection, gesture detection, etc.
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 6791168 | Author: Clearlove7plus | Hits: 0

[Delphi VCLmlskin

Description: MLSkin It is a skin component under Delphi, which is inherited from Delphi standard component, and extends many practical attribute functions for developers to call. It is similar to the standard VCL component in use, but the display style is quite different. It can easily achieve the effect like QQ skin. If you want to change the display style, you just need to reload an image ; most of the components can be used alone, do not need to rely on the skin of the form, the display effect can be customized, very flexible; at present, this set of skin components provides more than 50 commonly used components, more than 30 practical demo, you can easily and quickly achieve the effect you want.
Platform: Pascal | Size: 4303872 | Author: xzl2008 | Hits: 1

[Game ProgramClearBlocks

Description: Sources code of XiaoXiaoLe game using cocos2d-x
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 3513344 | Author: RayCH | Hits: 0


Description: LabVIEW SQL communication template is the most basic usage of SQL in LabVIEW, which can be expanded by itself
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 7427072 | Author: Bin Y | Hits: 0

[Other systems3_Code_WindowsTrend_SOS&Tmp

Description: We can analyze the phenological time series to see its relationship with temperature
Platform: Python | Size: 65536 | Author: hui agan | Hits: 0

[Linux-Unix programimx-vpu-lib-3.0.35-4.1.0

Description: Video hardware codec library based on Linux imx6q platform through Vpu
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 77824 | Author: wwwttlili | Hits: 0

[Internet of ThingsKeil.STM32F1xx_DFP.2.3.0

Description: Keil.STM32F1xx_DFP.2.3.0
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 49784832 | Author: 啊牛牛 | Hits: 0

[Other systemsMStarBinTool-GUI

Description: Mstar firmware editor..32bit
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 1903616 | Author: rajesh4bom | Hits: 1

[matlabPSO SVM粒子算法优化的支持向量机

Description: Use PSO to optimize SVR support vector machine model code, with detailed output and output, as well as code description
Platform: matlab | Size: 1024 | Author: YYYONG2018 | Hits: 0

[Communication developqpskrrc

Description: QPSK baseband simulation root rising cosine pulse shaping
Platform: matlab | Size: 2048 | Author: 流二沙 | Hits: 0


Description: This time, we share the black box b-box-ea (black box), which is a very stable strategy with no additional positions, no resistance to single withdrawal, and no grid. Now the version has been updated to the eighth edition. Compared with the seventh edition, it optimizes the problems of quick profit stop and delayed closing, resulting in missing orders and non opening positions. It also fixes the abnormal billing problem caused by unsuccessful reading of data when loading the deposit. There will be smaller profits for the stable version, which can be further improved!
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 297984 | Author: WeChat2358587193 | Hits: 1
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