Title: accesstothemachinecommunicationthincontent Download
 Description: VC source code, to achieve access to the machine address book (Outlook Express and Outlook2000) content, such as : contact names, contacts email addresses
  • [fuzzy control] - This an example of fuzzy control of rebo
  • [oe4_reader_demo] - this program demonstrated how to use VC
  • [OutlookbarAddin] - MS Outlook e-mail client software plug-i
  • [jxjhddxt] - VC ACCESS increase the vehicle to do a P
  • [wabtool] - access to the local Address Book, and ca
  • [GetSetMailText01] - a reading and writing and editing of Out
  • [MailRadar] - MS Exchange2003 news surveillance proced
  • [POP3_EXAMPLE] - Pop3 client receives the entire flow of
  • [Outbar2_demo] - OutLook style menu BUTTON forms of CTREE
  • [Outlook] - Using VC++ call OUTLOOK to send mail, it
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