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 Description: 80x86 assembly language program design tutorial The book is divided into three parts. The first part is basic to 8086/8088 as the background, software and hardware platform based on DOS and PC compatibles, assembler for MASM and TASM, introduces relevant concepts of assembly language, assembly language programming technology. The second part is to improve the part, with 80386 as the background, aiming at a new generation of microprocessor Pentium, meticulous and generally introduces the protection of the relevant concepts, systems and explain in detail the protection under the way of programming techniques, real and vividly shows the protection of the programming details. The third part is the computer experiment instruction. The first part of this book is suitable for beginners and can be used as a textbook for learning assembly language programming. The second part of this book is suitable for the programmer, have basic grasp 8086/8088 assembly language programming techniques can be used as a learning protection way textbooks or reference books, also can be used as other personnel understand the high-end microprocessors and the way of protection programming technique reference books, but also as a programmer thorough understanding of Windows programming techniques of reference books.
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